Happy 159th Birthday to President Theodore Roosevelt! His birthplace in New York, NY (nps.gov/thrb) is one of several related National Park Service sites.

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  • priddychristoph
    Looks good for his age - 5 days ago
  • ebru__nuz
    ÷ cok istekliyim paylasmak isteyen var mı ? c1630e - 5 days ago
  • green.philosophia
    Felsefe edebiyat ve kara kalemin harmanlandığı yerdeyiz, sayfamıza bekleriz. - 6 days ago
  • vibratehigher0
    #Rip 🙏 #HappyBirthday - 7 days ago
  • zeshanomer11
    Remember his words. Freedom can't be bestowed it must be achieved. - 8 days ago
  • jordannnarose
    The square deal!!!! - 9 days ago
  • hunter_hill123
    THE MAN - 9 days ago
  • aswaaq
    نصيحه لا تشوف الستوري حقي، انا قلت لك لا تشوف من وين تفهم ؟ ☻ - 10 days ago
  • jesrbryant2012
    @mountian_man_24 when leftists were leftists - 11 days ago
  • mountian_man_24
    When men were men - 11 days ago
  • josua_mandro
    Kok kek sipiso2😂😂😂😂 - 11 days ago
  • aquilinatony
    Courageous one can fight especially when it's fair. Cowards can't fight need to team up. Trouble maker can't fight too afraid to fight period. Trouble maker is so lucky the brave Warrior doesn't hit girls or he would BEAT her ass. What do you think about that trouble maker answer in post immediately - 11 days ago
  • jesrbryant2012
    The first progressive president, author of the leftist shift in American government, godfather of the present turmoil we have in American society with the erosion of sovereignty, individual liberty, and federalism. This man guided into existence the cleverest bloodless revolution in history by the creation of seemingly innocuous land management agencies whose purpose was to seize government control over vast tracks of land from sovereign states and control natural resources and therefore economic independence of the several states. Yep, definitely one of my heroes. Happy birthday "big brother" Teddy! - 12 days ago
  • francisco_sanudo
    Greatest - 13 days ago
  • mckenna_b_ray
    @navindraprsd no - 13 days ago
  • jose.ycheatham
    @navindraprsd No - 13 days ago
  • english_ever.3
    چگونه صحبت کردن سریع انگلیسی در صد روز - 13 days ago
  • marie.k.pearson
    @navindraprsd nope - 13 days ago
  • furiousdaniel
    @navindraprsd no - 13 days ago
  • navindraprsd
    Isn't he dead though ? - 13 days ago
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