The final number that I’ll be talking about during this week’s series is of course PIECE OF ME ❤️❤️. It makes sense that this is the final number I’ll be talking about this week since this is the name of the residency ☺️. I really like this number a lot 🙏🏻. @britneyspears & her girlzzz always be killin it 🎉🎉.
I love dancing & singing along to this one. Love the confidence Britney has. Love how flirtatious she gets in this one. Love how she works the stage.
The band truly makes this song sound even more alive! 🎸. When Britney & the girls do the dance breakdown on the steps before the final chorus, I pretty much lose it cause I love that part so much 💖💖. This song is def one of my all time fav songs cause it’s really the 1st time that Britney addressed the tabloids/paparazzi in a song. Was so proud of her & still am! She’s amazing! You want a piece of me? 😜
(Piece Of Me 10/14/17)

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