The Fellas. 17 miles through the Redwoods with some of my favorite humans on earth. 🌲

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  • alexandriajb
    🙌🏽🙌🏽✨✨✨Magic!! - 10 months ago
  • morgantreks
    Oh my God, yes!!! We are dream walkers. So glad we’re friends. 😍♥️🤸🏾‍♂️ - 10 months ago
  • jeneka
    We must have some sort of ESP with each other, when the other is on a big adventure!✨ - 10 months ago
  • jeneka
    I️ dreamt of you last night, I am not kidding! - 10 months ago
  • sdosemagen
    @morgantreks haha love this ^ and 👋👋. Also I really want to do a 17 mile hike in the Redwoods now. Miss you! - 10 months ago
  • aharlam
    Looks like a beautiful setting for such beautiful people. Can’t wait to see @davishorts in PVD soon! Maybe you too! - 10 months ago
  • morgantreks
    Ahhh @aharlam and @sdosemagen your ears must’ve been ringing. We sang praises to both of you on the trail. Separately of course because I don’t think you know each other lol. Hi!!! Hope you’re well. - 10 months ago