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  • _shizieeee
    When are you going to announce the winner @insignia_shoes ?? - 10 months ago
  • iiiiiii_shaaw_
    I'm your follower and now I'm totally in love with your collection of heels and every thing because they so much beautiful and stylish ❀ - 11 months ago
  • shabina_kanwal
    I'm simply in love with the shoes of insignia especially heels because they make me feel like I'm high in the sky. The untouchable. The sky walk I have in them compliments my gait... It knows me so well....I have a penchant for it. - 11 months ago
  • prettiestashionista
    I love your bags.it's simply cool n stylish 😊 - 11 months ago
  • insignia_shoes
    Hi everybody! Thank you all for participating! :) - 11 months ago
  • infal_farooq
    I love your denim pumps with embroidery, WHY because I simply love the design nd I've denim kurtas tooπŸ˜„2nd I lovvvve those black sneakers having stickers on thek, WHY because they are super super comfortable 😍 especially when I'm going to university - 11 months ago
  • infal_farooq
    Be bold 😎 feel luxurious πŸ‘Έ and stay fashionable with insignia πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘’πŸ‘žπŸ‘ŸπŸ’‹ - 11 months ago
  • mehwish2152
    My sister got married this year if i win insha ALLAH i will give her as a gift from your behalf - 11 months ago
  • mehwish2152
    I want to buy a pair of sandle for my lovely sister - 11 months ago
  • saimanasar
    @rabi__009 @fatima.nasar14 - 11 months ago
  • almeerah_ch
    i want tO buy shoe from new summer collection 😊 hope so it will be mesmerising - 11 months ago
  • mims_nd
    A pair of comfortable pumps black or navy blue as I love pumps and don't have blue pumps or a pair of loafers as I don't own one - 11 months ago
  • juwairiyah____
    Sneakers because they arr comfortable & cosy & can be carried easily during my hospital postings - 11 months ago
  • saucyseira
    Bags nd purse - 11 months ago
  • dianaali9779
    and i m waiting for your flat shoes because summer is coming - 11 months ago
  • dianaali9779
    i like your all shoes but i cant efford 😒😒 - 11 months ago
  • gakhanniazi
    Yes all iz best but heels r superb i like it - 11 months ago
  • zirwa_tun_noor
    I like all of your product's but the coat shoe verity are the best. - 11 months ago
  • iqra_khalid916
    Suede coat shoes becausw i like them and they are comfortable - 11 months ago
  • sabitehseen
    Black cord shoes as i love to wear them😬 - 11 months ago
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