I used to assume people who got photographed in grocery stores weren’t really buying stuff they like and were getting paid for something but turns out the paps actually come inside the grocery store and capture your most intimate grocery cart items this is a travesty

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  • c_ham8
    @hannah__dang - 19 days ago
  • teresa.waldon
    Why do the paps care so much about what you’re eating. So rude!! - 28 days ago
  • rmahicks
    Hey Cap’n Crunch is not my favorite I like Cheerios, but Cap’n is iConic. But I agree. I carry my camera all over, I will never shoot a celeb in the street, if you’re working I’ll work, if you’re not working you won’t be photographed - 1 month ago
  • rojiher
    Famous people do their own grocery shopping?? - 1 month ago
  • anti_allie
    That cap’n crunch better be organic 😂 - 1 month ago
  • x__raven__xx
    @rodneyw68_ I Hope you have something better to care about - 1 month ago
  • rodneyw68_
    I hope you are using reusable bags. - 1 month ago
  • sickbastard911
    Im distressed over the disorganization of your trolley. The red onions are crushing the bread. The eggs are gonna fall out too its a mess - 1 month ago
  • glamgodess22
    I would never ever ever want to be famous - 2 months ago
  • monsieur.seanmichael
    it’s unfortunate for sure but if i were a celebrity i would love being photographed all day. it’s a very lucky opportunity and would soak up every minute even if i wasn’t in my best outfit. - 2 months ago
  • kinseymarie1818
    @mrshanmyers the paps 😂😂 - 2 months ago
  • mabel5274
    Ugh, they're awful - 2 months ago
  • bell060405
    You need to write a book about sarcasm. You are too funny 😂! - 2 months ago
  • wilsn_music
    @strotk still going 😂 - 2 months ago
  • stephtrocco
    @marijablazevska_ her captions kill me - 2 months ago
  • cathshen14
    You should at least be getting paid to advertise capt crunch - 3 months ago
  • miko43190
    From all the products You buy we only see one clearly displayed brand name🧐🤨😏 - 3 months ago
  • pollyannepocket
    At least your outfit is sleek! I wore hot pink stained sweatpants and a green fleece yesterday to pick up a prescription...and I pushed an empty shopping cart around to hide behind it! Grocery stores aren’t for being seen!!! - 3 months ago
  • ch84iara
    @irinashayk Don’t be funny,so are always looking stunning ❤️ - 3 months ago
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