Happy birthday, @theellenshow ! Here is me, John, Kim and Kanye!!!

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  • _honestly.honesty_
    Kanye's Get Out face on. Lol - 1 day ago
  • metanoia.1123
    @4sh uhh respectively, you can definitely hangout with people, even if you share different viewpoints. - 3 days ago
  • leyla.sultanova1997
    Kanye never smiles - 7 days ago
  • cbert9293
    Friend goals - 7 days ago
  • ephie_x
    Kim looks like a man with makeup on - 7 days ago
  • joymoller
    Love you Chrissy and John❤🇹🇭🇳🇴🇺🇸❤ - 12 days ago
  • s_k_y_e__xo
    Couple on the left is the best! X - 12 days ago
  • edant1
    Support Kanye and be an honest free thinker! Don’t follow the trend in bashing trump even when he has accomplished more positive in 1 year than Obama did in eight years! Don’t be a slave to the democratic party policies which keeps black and minorities segregated and dependent on government in order to gain votes and power! Wake up. - 23 days ago
  • darmarie1771
    @chrissyteigen u r bigger than all 3 of them put together 😂 r u a tranny? - 23 days ago
  • syrismore
    When u have enough room to crop ppl out the photo - 25 days ago
  • cherryeyes432
    Her & her husband voted for Trump, I saw her tweet she admitted they voted for him.. just Trump supporters in this pic. - 26 days ago
  • xxisiaamsb
    قحاب - 27 days ago
  • xxisiaamsb
    هههه - 27 days ago
  • golden_gypsy
    My first Kanye concert he brought out John to sing and play the piano ... it was such a gift ... ❤️ - 29 days ago
  • 4sh
    @chrissyteigen you can’t troll/loathe Trump & chill with Kanye. #twofaced - 29 days ago
  • riddle3666
    You two are so much better looking than those two! - 1 month ago
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