Caught it. - what are the chances ...? Mother Nature definitely was putting on a show for us in the mother city, and brought the much needed rain - what a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift.

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  • levi__s
    @freyawillemoes 🤪 - 8 months ago
  • freyawillemoes
    @levi__s ahahaha here’s a trick, try taking a film 🎥 and then pausing it in the right moment ;-) - 8 months ago
  • levi__s
    @freyawillemoes lol. Not me. My timing is always off!! - 8 months ago
  • freyawillemoes
    @levi__s my thought is exactly, it judging by the pictures from my Instagram friends in Cape Town it looks like the chances are quite high 😆 hagagaga - 8 months ago
  • levi__s
    Wow. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried capturing lightening - 8 months ago