Why? Why life? Why. The 27/02/18 Gdragon is gonna go to the army.
I can't believe it. I can't imagine a world without him. I still remember the day I saw the video of good boy and I fall in love with everything about him. He's beautiful smile, laugh, body. Everything about you is so perfect. I'm so sad, scared. For this. Is not that easy. He was my first bias. The man who come and change all my life with he's smile and voice. He is my favorite. Forever. Maybe you all know about Bigbang or only this cute boy. This is honestly the horrible new I ever hear about an idol (Jonghyun too) And yes maybe this is a page for BTS/Twice but I still haved to say this. Because he's my baby boy, the love of my life, one of my favorite boys. And I still can't believe this, I don't know what I'm gonna do knowing nothing about you for fucking 1, 2 or 3 fucking years. I'm gonna miss I already miss you baby. I hope you don't change. I hope you get happy for VIP there. Don't do anything stupid I love you forever. I'm gonna wait till you be here again.
I'm gonna miss your laugh and your cute smiles. Can't understand why this life is so fucking horrible. I can't let him go there. I can't.

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