What a remarkable performance, what a remarkable match and what a remarkable ODI series for @virat.kohli and @indiancricketteam. They have just outplayed @cricket_south_africa at every aspect of the series and the backbone have been "Kul-Cha" combination in .
There have been many positives for Indian Team ahead of . They have found and somewhat stabilized their middle order, @kuldeep_18 and @yuzi_chahal23 have been remarkably successful on the overseas tracks, the team as an entire unit have shown tough mental conditions and very high intent towards the final outcome of the series. And the key factor of this have been their skipper @virat.kohli who has had just an outstanding season, be it test series or be it limited overs. This guy is in whole another zone when he's there on the field.

Tough luck for and their young skipper @aidenmarkram. Would @fafdup had been there and @abdevilliers17 had played all the six matches, this could have atleast shown so close nail biting battles. Apart from their 'Pink' luck, they had nothing going their way throughout the series. They managed to win a few little battles between few drinks break or between few death overs, but eventually had failed to convert that morale win towards their match win.

With a record victory, @indiancricketteam now have solidified their No. 1 position and it was fitting to watch concluding shot of the series from the bat of glorious @virat.kohli. Cheers!

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