A little something to think about. This pyramid demonstrates well how different kinds of violations are embedded in our culture.
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Announcing Version 4 of the pyramid. Thanks to the many people who helped us revise and improve this important educational tool.

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  • safe.tracer
    @students.against A woman inventor created two ways to communicate –Wendy Mandell Geller, a creative inventor, and mom patented SafeTracer (!!!!) to empower victims reporting domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, or as a bystander of any crime. "When people panic, they do not always think straight and may not remember a preset pattern or a password to unlock their device to call 911 for help during an Emergency. SafeTracer enables people to contact 911 from any phone, even on a locked screen. The goal of inventing SafeTracer has been to make asking for Emergency help at any location: self-guiding, error resistant, available in more places on wireless devices and most importantly, super simple.”, says Geller. Click your emergency (!!!!) button on your phone and trace the shape that appears. This will immediately dial 911. For your protection, should your phone be taken against your will, 911 will not show up on the caller id as the active call, even though it is. Additionally, SafeTracer eliminates pocket and butt dials and time wasted by Emergency Responders on these false alarms which can be spent on real emergencies in your community. Our SafeTracer link includes information on a free to use consent tool that includes protection choices, safe words and “change your mind” acceptance. Open up a window to a conversation about consent. Stay Safe and Consent!!!! - 9 months ago
  • srv1959
    My mom loves this. She thinks it's hilarious. - 10 months ago