Continued from yesterday’s post. So I eagerly headed off to photograph this wreck of a car that had been stranded out here on the mudflats for years. This was going to make an interesting subject. I cut across from dead mangrove over the mudflats. Things were going well but the light was changing. Not wanting to miss the shot I pressed ahead. They say fools rush in and I was about to prove that old proverb true. The ground got a bit softer but was manageable. “Gotta get that shot and keep pressing on.! Not far now.” And then suddenly I’m having trouble getting my feet out of the mud. More than that I’m sinking. A panic swept over me as I realize how much trouble I was in. I try to lift one leg out but the other sinks to my knee. The realization that I could be in grave danger on an deserted beach hit me like a tonne of bricks. I summoned every bit of rational thought I could to suppress the panic. “Think about this and you will get out” I tell myself. Trying to struggle free I fall forward and break my fall with my splayed out tripod. My initial thought is “Oh shit I’m going to ruin the camera”. But then I realize the camera won’t sink because it’s area is spread out. I’m going to have to crawl out of here or keep sinking. So I managed to extract each leg and on all fours and crawl my way over 40 meters to semi dry land. My shoes, socks, pants and the arms of my shirt are all soaked and filled and covered mud. I take the the photo but by this stage I just want to go home. I took the best part of an hour to find a safe route back to shore. Not sure what my partner, my friends and family would do if this had gone much worse. It’s definitely given me pause for reflection. Photography and nature and amazing but no photo is worth your safety. It could have been me stuck like this old wreck. ⠀

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  • michaelpattersonpics
    @richard_marcus Thanks so much again Richard! It really was a great subject. Just turns out getting tonit was a bit more precarious than I anticipated. - 2 days ago
  • richard_marcus
    Beautiful work! 😍 - 2 days ago
  • michaelpattersonpics
    @jlusardi08 Yeah it was pretty hectic but got out the other side ok. Does make you think though, tomorrow is not promised. Gotta take care out there. Really appreciate that you took the time to read it though. Thanks again! - 3 days ago
  • jlusardi08
    Wow! What a story! Beautiful shot though. Sometimes it doesn't take much to make one pause. - 3 days ago
  • michaelpattersonpics
    @be_miwa Thanks for the kind words 😊 - 15 days ago
  • be_miwa
    Simply beautiful - 15 days ago
  • wings.and.a.cloud
    @michaelpattersonpics Yes🙂 - 18 days ago
  • michaelpattersonpics
    @wings.and.a.cloud Thanks very much. Appreciate the kind words. Yeah it wasn’t a great situation to be in. Thankfully the worst I got was load of dirty washing but it could have been worse. Definitely taking more caution in future. Thanks again 😊 - 18 days ago
  • wings.and.a.cloud
    Wow!!!..... beautiful shot...more than that, glad that you are safe. Take care. - 19 days ago
  • michaelpattersonpics
    @evan__toby Thanks matey! Happy you dig the story brother. Yeah it was definitely a sticky situation haha 😆 - 21 days ago
  • evan__toby
    Big patto! Cracker of a caption mate. That quick sand will get ya if you’re not careful. 😝 - 22 days ago
  • michaelpattersonpics
    @christinepierrephotography Yeah it taught me pretty valuable lesson. Will not be taking that risk again. Glad you like the shot and that the story gave a bit more context! - 26 days ago
  • christinepierrephotography
    It’s a bit like taking a boat out to fish - you shouldn’t go alone but that shot looks amazing Michael and the story just makes that far more exciting. Great shot! - 27 days ago
  • michaelpattersonpics
    @kabbyg Thanks a lot Kath! That’s really great of you to say so. It’s definitely a little bit of a departure from my usual subjects but I’m thrilled you love it! Thanks again 😊 - 28 days ago
  • michaelpattersonpics
    @independent.traveler Thanks so much! 😃 - 28 days ago
  • michaelpattersonpics
    @capture_frames Thanks so much Ben. Sorry for the late reply mate. Yeah I don’t think I’m going to forget that morning in a hurry at all. Thanks a lot. Was an experience that’s for sure. - 28 days ago
  • kabbyg
    Absolutely love, love, love this! - 28 days ago
  • independent.traveler
    Great! - 29 days ago
  • capture_frames
    Wow man! Super scary! Such a crazy and unexpected way you to get these shots! Both turned out beautiful to say the least! Perhaps two of the most memorable shots for you now though lol. Glad you’re ok! - 29 days ago
  • michaelpattersonpics
    @_ni3ey.1v5 Yeah it was pretty wild. Definitely right on that last point. Just relived I managed to get myself out of it. The photo turning out ok was a bonus but if I knew what the risk was I wouldn’t have taken it again. - 29 days ago
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