Just being real RN...When your cramps are so bad you just sit on the kitchen floor with your dogs and drink your coffee☕️🤦🏼‍♀️🖕🏻
Needless to say last night was NOT a good night after dinner. Can I just say that I am like a drug addict when it comes to Reese’s Peanut Butter cups...like I can NOT stop with them. *
Today I feel like total garbage. My cramps are so painful, my bloating is ridiculous and I just want to curl in a ball and stay in bed...but I can’t because I have to go to work and I love my job. Just hoping the cramps go away before the weekend. My band has 2 shows and I HATE performing when I feel like shit. Hope everyone has a great Thursday...and hey, coffee on the kitchen floor with dogs is kind of nice, LOL!!!

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  • erikbassett
    great post! - 10 months ago
  • emma_spedding
    Keep it up!! 💗 ☺ - 10 months ago
  • timewear.co
    🆒. - 10 months ago
  • lyndsay_thompson_ketoaf
    @fluffinjourney I feel like I’d still eat them all...maybe I should have my husband hide them and only give me one lol - 10 months ago
  • fluffinjourney
    Have you tried the Sugar Free Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? They are pretty good, better them than the regular ones. But if you over eat on them you will learn not too. lol They will send you to the bathroom for a couple hours with the worst 💩 of your life! LOL - 10 months ago
  • lyndsay_thompson_ketoaf
    @traceyrachelle thanks girl ❤️ - 10 months ago
  • lyndsay_thompson_ketoaf
    @lindzor7 thanks girl ❤️ - 10 months ago
  • traceyrachelle
    Hope you feel better! Hang in there! - 10 months ago
  • lindzor7
    I’m like a crack head with any type of candy/ice cream/ sweets. I’ll eat an entire pie if it’s in my house! We had to completely get rid of all junk food because I can’t control myself! Anyway, it happens and you’re human. Just start again today! Hope you feel better, I’m in the same boat! - 10 months ago