It’s enough to take care of everything by yourself when you’re traveling solo. Am I right? Planning, learning, packing... the list goes on.
So, I’m gonna help you out and hook you and we’ll have some fun at the same time. I’ve started a little new series on the blog featuring one day itineraries in iconic cities around the world, that lead you to super photogenic spots around town and keep itinerary planning a little more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Thus, “a totally Instagramable day in...” series has been born. And... there’s more... as my global community continues to grow, I’ll be bringing you totally Instagramable days from locals and how they love to enjoy their own cities around the world.
The first one up is for Los Angeles and a part of town I both love and frequent. [link is in the bio👆🏼] Let me know what you think and let me know if you have a city you really want to have a totally Instagramable day in! Happy to help! xo

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