I think its dumb to put your watermark on top of the one that already there .LMAO bitch you ain't fooling anyone , we can hella see the original one šŸøā˜•*cough * *cough * eminems.show

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    Cons we only hier, your high to think in the book u made it to King or a high priest that's never on ever Y thing, that's the way my nuts hang, I flip rszers on my mouth for fun, I fuck with a nun, but like a pimp trying to pimp 1 there's nothing happening I'm happy to see you want to win get in too much too secretive conspiracy brain damage since your Age 3 - 9 months ago
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    All of a sudden you really start to glow, it's OK wm , let it snow till the cold wind blow , here's a secret but it's con fidentiail, - 9 months ago
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    What a low blow , you snitched your family out butt expect to be surrounded bi people u don't know , 45 year old , ride it out till it's cold , read the book but only the old, politely telling you illuminati is really NWO or with an A, your all fucked up to think this whole time you really can flow you know rapper talk for you really go , in the Bible , no dick shinary homo - 9 months ago
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