More info about her powers
Psioplasmic Bio-Field: She can generate a psioplasmic bio-field, that increase her durability. The field extends six inches from any point on her body. This field constantly surrounds her body at every given moment, completely invisible, and only takes on a glass-like translucency when subconsciously activated by a threat.
The field reacts to kinetic impact, energy signatures, certain psionic forces, temperature changes, etc. The bio-field is an extension of Cecilia's body, and so she feels the attack as its effect is dispersed over the field. Her power is subconscious, meaning it protects her from harm whether she wants it to or not, or is aware of the incoming threat or not.
Eventually Cecilia learned how to manifest the field at will, as a weapon. Surrounding her fists with psioplasmic force can increase the bludgeoning power behind her punches; she formed spikes to kill the Neo known as Jaeger, she could expel the field outward in a hammer-like ram, etc.


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