Good old Amazon Spain...I missed out on Zavvi's UK one because I was a johnny-come-lately seeing the film and they'd already sold-out by the time I had.
And obviously I loved it...
Should of had faith in Taika Waititi...I'll know better next time.

Best Thor film yet and in the Top 5 MCU flicks to date I'd say...worked brilliantly as a full-on action comedy !!
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  • s_dyson
    @jonnybluray most definitely my thing, I love a gimmick 😂👌 - 9 months ago
  • jonnybluray
    Once of the best 3D conversions I’ve seen (if that’s your thing) - great flick as well. - 9 months ago
  • 16bitandy
    @s_dyson for sure dude....some really funny scenes 👍 - 9 months ago
  • s_dyson
    @16bitandy comedy worked for this big time, loved it 👍 - 9 months ago
  • s_dyson
    @sgb75 haven't had a look yet bud.. - 9 months ago
  • 16bitandy
    @s_dyson great film. Picked up the Zavvi steel of this. So much better in every way possible than the last Thor film - 9 months ago
  • exmortis79
    @s_dyson that's exactly what i did lol - 9 months ago
  • exmortis79
    @craigoape_76 i nearly cried over that when i first got mine, then saw others on here had the same thing so felt a bit better 😂 - 9 months ago
  • sgb75
    3d version any good mate - 9 months ago
  • craigoape_76
    @s_dyson same mate, then I started noticing it in other posts 😅 - 9 months ago
  • s_dyson
    @craigoape_76 I know what you mean 😂😂 I was trying to polish it ! - 9 months ago
  • craigoape_76
    There is that bit on the case that looks like a scratch which does my head in. - 9 months ago
  • vulgardisplayofbrian
    This was a great movie. Love this steelbook. 👍 - 9 months ago