I always ‘forget’ to do my long-term assignments ~Micah •

So I finally watched Thor: Ragnarok & I lovedddd it!!! Now I just need to go see Black Panther 😄

Also, I forgot to post last week because I was determined that Tuesday was Monday when it was in fact Tuesday. Sorry about that.

QOTD: Are you excited about Infinity Wars? If so, what are your predictions for the movie? 🍿

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  • bj.author
    @schoolhomies Right?! I’m convinced someone is going to die and I don’t like it. - 9 months ago
  • catsycline
    @amandanooovak - 9 months ago
  • schoolhomies
    @bj.queenb The thought of having all my favorites in one film is exciting and SO terrifying *bites fingernails* ~Micah - 9 months ago
  • bj.author
    @schoolhomies Yessss!!! All my favorite heroes in one place! Well, maybe not, they might all be split up to do different things. - 9 months ago
  • schoolhomies
    @dari.d.m.music sameeeee ~Micah - 9 months ago
  • schoolhomies
    @bj.queenb it’s going to be so awesome! ~Micah - 9 months ago
  • schoolhomies
    I try my hardest not to cry during movies but I already know this one is going to kill my emotions ~Micah @tania.thunder @autumn.america - 9 months ago
  • dari.d.m.music
    I'm definitely excited for Infinity War. I don't have many predictions. I think some people will die, but I don't want anyone to die. - 9 months ago
  • _bekrae
    Haha @eliannah_simmons don’t forget - 9 months ago
  • bj.author
    I am super excited for Infinity War!! I’ve managed to keep my predictions to a minimum because I’m just too excited to see the Guardians and everyone else meet each other. - 9 months ago
  • autumn.america
    @tania.thunder oh my gosh same. If Cap dies, they'll have to drag me out of the theater kicking and screaming - 9 months ago
  • tania.thunder
    I am WAAAAYYY too excited for Infinity War. I told my mom I might cry and she was a little bit shocked 😬 and I have no predictions cause I don't want to think about anything and happening to Cap or anyone else 😭😭 - 9 months ago
  • tina_tsoukalas
    @schoolhomies that sounds about right😂 - 9 months ago
  • obviously_oddly_awesome
    “I have to get off his planet” - 9 months ago
  • _.classic.audrey._
    I am so excited omg - 9 months ago
  • kristin_rose27
    Whenever it’s an essay that I have to finis, I used the excuse, “I forgot to print it.” It works most of the the time 😜 - 9 months ago
  • josiah_willis2001
    Research papers lol - 9 months ago
  • schoolhomies
    @tina_tsoukalas I always procrastinate my science projects until the night before & then try to cram months of research into one night of studying 😅😂 ~Micah - 9 months ago
  • schoolhomies
    @marthaeasterly 😂😂 ~Micah - 9 months ago
  • schoolhomies
    @torielizabethhh_ You sound a lot like myself lol ~Micah - 9 months ago
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