Happy 30th To My Honey. 🎉 There could not be a more perfect person for me than you. You are the sweetest most thoughtful, loving man I know. Thank you for loving me the way you do. My Love For You Is Unequivocal. 💋🍰🎈 😻

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  • lexa_wray
    😹🙈 - 5 days ago
  • andrea_n_m
    🤣🤣🤣 cougar life! Dead! 💀 - 5 days ago
  • chancj
    @lexa_wray Tore my hamstring 😢 - 5 days ago
  • lexa_wray
    @metaltech_motorsports 🤣 i wish!! Pretty sure I might love the car more than you do 😋 I'll start looking for a second and third job haha - 5 days ago
  • metaltech_motorsports
    Thanks babe. Wake up at 5am to donuts, coffee and presents. What more could I ask for 🤷🏻‍♂️. Love you 😙. I am excited for the new beginnings and adventures to come. And thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. #damimold #nottheyoungestanymore @josephakajojo no trans parts yet, but hopefully she surprises me 🤫 lol. - 5 days ago
  • lexa_wray
    @chancj Haha Well Damn Now U Gotta Share!! Sad u guys can't come celebrate with us this weekend down on Freemont 😣 - 5 days ago
  • chancj
    Hopefully his 30th goes better than mine, right @kayleighjensen 😂. Happy Birthday! - 5 days ago
  • lexa_wray
    @karen_linderoth_wray I Will!! Love you!! 😗 - 5 days ago
  • karen_linderoth_wray
    Wish him a happy birthday from Dad and I. Love you ❤️❤️❤️ - 5 days ago
  • kayleighjensen
    Happy Birthday! Welcome to your 30’s!!! - 5 days ago
  • josephakajojo
    Happy Birthday Old Man 👴🏼. Hopefully there are some tranny parts inside those bags❤️😍 @metaltech_motorsports - 5 days ago