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  • misslottielu
    No waaayy! Thats a shame! He’s got a good eye for the vintage then eh haha! Glad you had a fab evening too lovely! - 9 months ago
  • emjkerr
    @misslottielu my husband saw your dress and was pointing it out to me... Thought it was you but couldn’t get through the people to see you! - 9 months ago
  • misslottielu
    @emjkerr you were there?! Damn girl didn’t see ya! Increeeeedible yas! Nabbed the set list too πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜ - 9 months ago
  • emjkerr
    Wasn’t it amazing??? - 9 months ago
  • vintage_jackpot
    μ†Œν†΅ν•΄μš”πŸŒŸ - 9 months ago