Rugby cannot always be pretty. Sometimes it is down right dirty. One has to adapt to the conditions at all times . Even though we prepare according to a certain strategy , we must always be able to adapt . .
This is in case in life as well. We always have to be ready to adapt and evolve . Saying thinks like "I don’t want to change" or " You can’t teach me anything". You are a fool . Even today I am learning something new everyday . Keep on working and you shall be rewarded !

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  • vincenzo_baracus
    So true💪💪 - 8 months ago
  • icejputsy
    We are worth our weight in gold brother haha which is a lot of gold hahah - 9 months ago
  • dewlander
    @ggsteenkamp thanks brother you too ! - 9 months ago
  • ggsteenkamp
    Well good luck with the rugby and the strong man. Keep up the good work! Thanks will do my best - 9 months ago
  • dewlander
    @ggsteenkamp exactly mate zero set piece zero ball for the backs to drop lol ! Thanks mate started strongman about 5 years ago when I moved to Canada as you can't play rugby in the snow, it really help me to pack on size and strength to help in scrummaging, rucks and contact. Love the page mate keep the great content coming ! - 9 months ago
  • ggsteenkamp
    @dewlander Hahaha that’s always the case but today the prop forward is one of the most valued players in the team. Because if you don’t have a good platform in the scrum it makes it very difficult for your team to get quality ball. I noticed that you are a strong man athlete that’s awesome. Great way of training for props ! - 9 months ago
  • dewlander
    I’ve been a propforward as long as I know. And will always do nothing but play the frontrow.
    You might think we’re crazy, just stupid or dumb. But without us you wouldn’t win one single scrum. #proplife - 9 months ago
  • ggsteenkamp
    @threapleton1 Thanks trying to share some wisdom with the young players and coaches out there . - 9 months ago
  • threapleton1
    Loving your posts mate! Everyday is a school day 💪#proplife - 9 months ago
  • deocassius.smith
    ...👌👌👌 - 9 months ago