When you realise you don't have to be at this club much longer... @madders

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  • jackstreet02
    Cmon guys Maddison only young lets give him lots more game time - 3 days ago
  • mrharrylubbock7
    I on the camera - 4 days ago
  • ian95757
    I would love him to stay and get us back to prem - 5 days ago
  • jackstreet02
    Maddisons career will never end that man is not going to a different club he loves Norwich city and all the fans please please stay mate you're just too good for the league and all of us Norwich fans can accept that love you absolute legend - 5 days ago
  • coglia_02
    @madders23 Norwich with Maddison forever - 5 days ago
  • luke.eastwood.372
    @canariesnation lmao so he isn't - 6 days ago
  • josh_l04
    Is he leaving after the hull game - 6 days ago
  • k.jloveday
    @madders23 I have been a Norwich fan all my life and never have I seen a player as good as Maddison tbh it's not fair if he stays cos he can further his career at a different club it would kill me to see him leave but u have think about his career as a player it will be sad with out him but we have to get past that and look in the future - 6 days ago
  • callumsmithncfc
    Don't say that you'll make me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 - 6 days ago
  • madders23
    ahhh your welcome always here if you need us πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ @bcfctalk - 6 days ago
  • george.cracknell15
    As long as we get a decent amount for him - 6 days ago
  • bcfctalk
    OMG 1-1 YOU ARE REALLY HELPING US - 6 days ago
  • callum_mitchell01
    @madders23 yeah fair enough - 6 days ago
  • canariesnation
    @luke.eastwood.372 it’s not actually Maddison lmao what’s wrong with you - 6 days ago
  • madders23
    I agree mate it's just I AM a James maddison fanpage after all not a norwich one so it's less on the club more on the player but I know what you mean @callum_mitchell01 - 6 days ago
  • luke.eastwood.372
    @madders23 does this mean you are going to leave? Its been good having you and good luck if you are, you're going to destroy! OTBC! - 6 days ago
  • callum_mitchell01
    @jacob_josh_murphy Fair enough. I don't feel like all this negativity is all that good for the morale of the club rn and the fans tho - 6 days ago
  • jacob_josh_murphy
    tbf for a player like maddison to be at a low league team in the championship is not right @callum_mitchell01 and he should look forward to premier league footy - 6 days ago
  • callum_mitchell01
    Why r u so negative? - 6 days ago
  • editz_epl
    Cocky - 6 days ago
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