I have a confession ... this @littlepartydress is my FIRST EVER animal print purchase 🙈I think I’ve found my new favourite print! Love, love, love •

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  • infectious_life
    @jacci23 what a shame! The Megan is very you too 😭 LPD just sells out so quickly it’s sometimes hard to get what you want but she restocks so often I’m sure you’ll find something you like 🙌🏻 Ellie is on my Wishlist if it comes back in stock (in my size) with the floral print because that’s amaze too. I’m pretty sure mine is a size 16 for the extra length on these long pins but if you ever want to try on a style I’ve got before buying you know where I am xx - 7 months ago
  • jacci23
    @infectious_life love! I just got a Megan and it’s just not the right fit for me but the print I want isn’t available in many other shapes atm! So sad! But this is gorge! And over tights in winter 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 - 7 months ago
  • infectious_life
    @jacci23 it’s one of my all time favourites! It’s so comfy and versatile 😍 It’s called the ‘Ellie Leopard Print Dress’ on the LPD website xx - 7 months ago
  • jacci23
    What shape is this one @infectious_life ? Love the cut :) - 7 months ago
  • littlepartydress
    Welcome to the animal print obsession club!! 🙌🏼😻🐆🐅🦒 - 9 months ago