First day of Spring. Time to up my plant game. @caman_and_co @remodelista @organized_home

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  • amandafaywillis
    What a beautiful variety of succulents! I need to branch out from my two aloe plants and add some more variety. Love the different sizes and colors you’ve chosen. The purple one contrasts the green so nicely 🌱💛 - 9 months ago
  • sj_johnston
    @joefeds I have also been told that plants can be tough, so not to beat yourself up if they don’t survive. - 9 months ago
  • sj_johnston
    @joefeds I think they’re meant to survive for a while...I haven’t had these that long, so I’ll keep you updated! I have no green thumb whatsoever, so if these make it to April, I’ll be thrilled! - 9 months ago
  • joefeds
    I can’t keep succulents alive more than six months. Do you know how long they are supposed to last? - 9 months ago
  • sj_johnston
    @thebouqsco #succulentbouquet still alive, wooo. - 9 months ago