Don't let anything make you despair. There's so much more to you and your life.. There are rainbows you haven't seen, skies and plains you haven't soared and traveled through. Life is always moving on. It's passing. No moment of grief will linger, a believer is always getting to a better place, (even if you feel like you've been stuck in a moment, remind yourself that you are not). Remind yourself that there's much to discover, much to look forward to, at any given time. Place your hopes in the One Who loves you most. And rest your mind. You have miles, and miles to go before you sleep. 💙

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  • omaimas_place
    Your words inspire me. Barakallahu feeki😀😀 - 10 months ago
  • iebtishaamfa
    You fall... You rise... You move. - 10 months ago
  • sarah_jowhar_
    @nas17mimi 😘 - 10 months ago
  • nas17mimi
    This is for me... 🙏🏽💪🏾☝🏾❤️ - 10 months ago