finally revealed that he has done his 2nd marriage 5 years back. πŸ™Œ Confidently saying that both two families are living happily together! πŸŒŸπŸ’•

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  • sanadoll9347
    To phir shadi q ki?????πŸ€” - 8 months ago
  • sweetsidraa
    @afisuleman i have seen all these videos πŸ™‚ - 8 months ago
  • asmajaved1033
    Jub wife say etni muhbet thi tu dosri shadi ku ki mard ki nature hi aesi ha - 8 months ago
  • afisuleman
    @sweetsidraa - 8 months ago
  • shazma_burhan
    @alii_khan hahaha,yes i am - 8 months ago
  • ali_asim12
    Well it is ur personal matter but lying to public or deliberately hiding it from us is not justified and i will not call it ur personal matter to make a fool out of us.Second marriage is not a problem,lying to us is. - 8 months ago
  • fizxamalik
    I agree - 8 months ago
  • ruhmak
    @farhan.sikander - 8 months ago
  • hina.rana.3158652
    Gud πŸ˜™ - 8 months ago
  • _ayat_hussain
    @umaimazehra absolutely - 8 months ago
  • miramuzammil
    Fazol admi - 8 months ago
  • dr_noorjahan3555
    Hmari Taya Abu ki 2wife this as jesi sis,hum in dono ko choti ma bari ma blti - 8 months ago
  • umaimazehra
    @_ayat_hussain sahi bt h or ye bt aj kal larkon pr bht asar kry ge q k waisi breakup fashion m tha ab ye dusri shadi b,, majboori hoti smjh b ata lkn shoq m krna ye sahi nh - 8 months ago
  • aisha.8148
    I dont agree to what he is saying soon one of the wives will divorce him because logically it does not make sense ! This is just non-sense - 8 months ago
  • abgeene_gull7
    Main is bechare ki jega hoti to bolti bakne do logon ko who caresπŸ˜’ - 8 months ago
  • sachan_baloch77
    BUT you are so younge for your 2nd marriage - 8 months ago
  • xxnrixx18
    @alii_khan kis kis ka moun bandh karein... abh deklo @madeehaakram ko. She cant tolerate somebodu elses marriage.. khud ka kesi karegi? Kisi aur ko baddua de rahi hai.. i pitty on youπŸ˜‚ - 8 months ago
  • xxnrixx18
    @madeehaakram dont pray for bad things little child, it can back fire at you babe, so watch out! I clearly said his wife gave him permission. Kya tum ijaazat dogi? Tum ne to khud boyfriend raka hoga haraam kaam karti hogi zinaa bhi. Dont you dare judge and definatly dont you even think about openeing your gandhi zubaan. Badtameez!!!!! Tum jesi auratein bhura chahti ho kisi ka khud sakoon mein naye rehti. Allah mafi de unko jisko sakt zaroorat hai - 8 months ago
  • arslankhan530
    @khan_fizza_ barri khush naseeb ho.. humain@b dua mai yad kia kro kia pata qismat khul jaye 😁😁 - 8 months ago
  • leena_ctg
    If you need two women in your life you definitely have problem, please don’t try to represent that your relationships are amazing with both. Allah allowed it to help widows whose life was devastated by war. - 8 months ago
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