Okay? or Okay.

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  • zakhep____
    Its okay - 6 months ago
  • laeeqakniazi
    Tum thaykaydaar ho logon ko judge karnay kay? - 8 months ago
  • raja_hamza_k
    Its a biggest virtue to repent for your bad deeds but showcasing yourself in a bad way in front of thousands of people can have a negative impacts on society. When I see the condition of Pakistani celebrities now a days, I find no difference between a Muslim and non-Muslim culture. We have been influenced badly by the western culture and Pakistani media is paying a huge chunk of money to present it in front of us so we think it’s normal but indeed it’s not. We should compose ourself and not get influenced by the black sheep of society - 8 months ago
  • khan_42ayesha
    So what unka personal matter hai.. - 8 months ago
  • shafaq_malick
    πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ - 8 months ago
  • kai_zar18
    Insaan bohat zalim hay kisi dosray insan ki choti si galati bhi ni maaf kerta Jo shayad galati bhi na ho or khud Allah see apnay baray baray gunahon ki bakhshish Dil main qabol bhi ker chuka hota hay. - 8 months ago
  • precious.diamond36
    @shareemjaved im not judging anyone and not presenting myself righteous or perfect everyone have lots of flaws but i think u consider urself a perfect person . - 8 months ago
  • shareemjaved
    @precious.diamond36 lolz at not following a celebrity and commenting on one. Come out of your shell of self righteousness you dont have a right to judge anyone. Why you are on instagram ? Do something which can be fruitful - 8 months ago
  • precious.diamond36
    @shareemjaved. I did'nt follow any celebrity and if it is beyond ur understanding so plz sister stay away. - 8 months ago
  • shareemjaved
    @precious.diamond36 naiki ka hukam app nay instagram par celebrities ko follow kr k dena hai? Celebrities ko stalk krna aur instagram par follow kr k tou app bht achi deen ki khidmat kr rai hain na - 8 months ago
  • asimzarqa
    So what yh is ka n is k Allah ka mamla - 8 months ago
  • shahzad.noor786
    Us ki marzi - 8 months ago
  • mahamali6840
    Is umry ka kia faida - 8 months ago
  • diyaachaudhary
    Agr wo umrah pe hy to Allah k bulawe pr hi gai hy... Allah jin pe krm krta hy unko bulata hy is lie fazul baten krne ki zroort ni hy admin - 8 months ago
  • sab4127
    Nice to see the - 8 months ago
  • ihinayasirmir
    Stop posting pictures like this apart from doing hajj.. she decide herself whata right for hwr before judginf other make sure you are perfect - 8 months ago
  • striving_muslimah2
    Listn.. in that holly place nobody could go without invitation. nd Allah knws betr abt person. thy might b doing some secret good deeds which are way bigger thn our all deeds .. only Allah knws. he is Ar rahman .he find excuses to forgiv his slaves. jst thnk good about others . Allah lovs somethng about them so he called them to His Holly house.. May Allah call us all too there aameen. - 8 months ago
  • naxia_zubair
    still Allah calls her to smjhlo k wo hmse bht naik hai please akhirat py usny apna hisab dyna r apne apnaa positivity kyu ni rakhty - 8 months ago
  • punjabi_kudi333
    😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 - 8 months ago
  • punjabi_kudi333
    Bina makeup k to pehchani b nhi ja rhi😡 - 8 months ago
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