Scotty’s Founder Nikki features in the current issue of Hello magazine, raising awareness of the charity’s work. ...................................................

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  • jeanannebond
    Yes Nikki!!! This is so brilliant, what a woman #superstar ❤️ - 8 months ago
  • wendyheal
    You do the best job Nikki. So proud #scottyslittlesoldiers 💛🖤 - 8 months ago
  • carter.gemma
    Love this bless Prince Harry . As I have said before I am so pleased for you have followed your charity from the beginning and working for a military charity myself I am in awe of the what you have achieved for so many children and there families over the years you should be immensely proud of the legacy you have created along of all of Scottie’s x - 8 months ago
  • laura_r_robbins
    So many of us in The Scotty’s family would be lost and forgotten about without you Nikki and it’s so lovely that Prince Harry and Meghan have seen and felt this too. - 8 months ago
  • instawannabegran
    Great story fully deserved x - 8 months ago
  • projectwreckless
    Love this.. - 8 months ago
  • graves.tracey
    Nikki you look absolutely stunning - you are an amazing lady -Thank you for everything you give -not only for our children but for us too.xx - 8 months ago