out here goal crushing today (not photog related). one month ago I decided on a whim I wanted to run a 5k. prior to deciding this i wouldn’t even been able to tell you the last time I ran at all. with a little under a month to prepare I followed a 5k training program from @annie___mayfitness , stopped eating sugar and anything fast food related, and cut out all caffeine and alcohol. today I ran my first 5k. The Dirty Dozen. a muddy obstacle course 5k. my last 5k I ran on the treadmill training this week I did in 33:34 so I set a goal of an hour for this one. AND I TOTALLY CRUSHED THAT TIME. I ran The Dirty Dozen in 45 minutes today. It was the hardest run I ever have done and it felt like I had been out there for much longer than an hour. I remained encouraged by my husband who ran along side me the entire time. At the end of the race we celebrated with a victory beer🍻here’s to many more races in our future.

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