For the next month, or so, I will take this monster on a spin. A CamonX from @tecnomobileuganda. It’s been 5 minutes with it and I have already confessed my sins. All my sins. Camon stands for Camera On. You know what that means? It has a killer selfie that takes my previous phone to school. It has a 20MP front camera and an AI beauty mode that has 8 levels to make your selfies look stunning. I am excited. I might open a darned studio with this phone. Eish.

9 months ago 5



  • niwaroll
    Got myself one too. Let me know which apps to try out - 9 months ago
  • the_nimusiima
    @petermayanja Ha! You should have this machine and take it on the streets. - 9 months ago
  • petermayanja
    uBlaspheme. iStayStrong. - 9 months ago
  • the_nimusiima
    @kiryalenard Ha! Just Google it. Anyways, the one in the picture is 20MP. - 9 months ago
  • kiryalenard
    Did i read that bulungi?!? 24MP Front Camera?!? I don’t want to google even!!!🤭 - 9 months ago