Star Lord and Groot... if we’re using our made up names. Haha. Great premiere last night.

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  • diesel7042
    @soloeagle4586 Yes write me❤️ - 3 days ago
  • diesel7042
    @barbarajohnso__n319 ❤️❤️❤️ - 3 days ago
  • diesel7042
    @fara637748 ❤️ write me - 3 days ago
  • versanne_wolf
    @pinkyhope72 sorry Pinky am not lay with your heart it's friend of mine to - 9 days ago
  • pinkyhope72
    @vindieselreal001 what?? Playing favorites again !! All over.. I'm tired of you playing games with my heart. You never thank me !! All the Love & support I've shown you for a long while before versanne_wolf.. She's my friend ! 💔😠 - 10 days ago
  • fara637748
    I LOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️💕💕 - 12 days ago
  • junior.camargo.7923030
    Perfect - 25 days ago
  • nnaveedakhtarr
    @nnaveedakhtarr ❤️❤️❤️ - 26 days ago
  • oni.naibaho195
    I love uuuùuu😚😚 - 26 days ago
  • tousif_khan07
    I'm Groot - 1 month ago
  • tousif_khan07
    Hahaha 😂 - 1 month ago
  • gvhj______________gyiuyvyveree
    see back to jokey right that what he does see i cant hold it up that long - 1 month ago
  • gvhj______________gyiuyvyveree
    u beat them up right .. ok i dont .lols fuk they want with me no but they dont want me to type thoooo u do ? but u dont tho we al supoed to be niduing our own business ya but? ok ya but? lety we in love come on vin dude ..ok pay me oroko ? rice puding come on .. - 1 month ago
  • gvhj______________gyiuyvyveree
    try to bust ur cock a doodle doo wake up and say yo pusy get the fuk out my face try he like no i need a job too man tf ..ok so me stfu ya ok now no also what u said ? i dont know man like i dont get it why would u say now they gona make lety kiss some girl or drug her soem shit - 1 month ago
  • gvhj______________gyiuyvyveree
    forget it forget it i have dif plan he says ..pinky and brain he is ..a bug man dude he is a bug ..i cant stand them and it stunts ur dick my word..liek try to hang lose and he is there my word he been on chinas too - 1 month ago
  • gvhj______________gyiuyvyveree
    now he says no u are ..um noooo..actualy im not now he goes i juke ur whips to you ..and then i go bro stfu u rat or lets talk then sicne u want to tell eveyone shit lets go ahead and talk then then he goes no also #jdm #911 um - 1 month ago
  • gvhj______________gyiuyvyveree
    so he is admting it you and he wont stop admiting it to you also he just a strsight buggggggggggg - 1 month ago
  • gvhj______________gyiuyvyveree
    howw u are ? bro me bro but how yaya ok you but howww ..so christ is out why out man jsut eat your god damn sandhiwhc man dude hwy out liek why this drama did u say walk the plank to him mans crying like a lil wierdo man im sooo sory he says so why is he saying this if it wasnt him and it was satan - 1 month ago
  • gvhj______________gyiuyvyveree
    p w.. bugs gays her .i swa.. bro u dont get it - 1 month ago
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