There’s something powerful about sharing your dreams with others. Seeing all of your posts on my truck was a great reminder of that. Writing down your dream was​ ​only the first step,​ ​now take the next, and the next, and don’t stop until you make YOUR dream a reality.

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  • lindakelly234
    Great idea! - 2 days ago
  • sophiaharperdesigns
    Love this. @chipgaines your family is such an inspiration. Good people and hard work. Please consider following @sophiaharperdesigns we are a small business trying to make a ripple in the water. - 2 days ago
  • _zende_
    I LOVE THIS!!!! - 2 days ago
  • sandieharrisbklyn
    @chipgaines @joannagaines 1st & foremost congratulations on your newest little Gaines. 2nd I ADORE YOU BOTH and your marriage/family. Now Chip, in the Bells Shotgun house,, Before you sanded the floors you spread something on the wood, was it wood filler or wood putty? I am new to DIY and recycling old into new and I'd like to know which you prefer or are they meant for two very different jobs??? - 4 days ago
  • colombianchica76
    That’s how you post it someone’s car or truck @mrs.jackie_serna_ lol - 8 days ago
  • danielbrannen
    Well said - 8 days ago
  • gr8fuldazie
    @woodhana - 9 days ago
  • adiana7042
    Wish I could have put a note of my dream there for the world to see. My dream, a brand new house! At almost 76 years young. It is a dream that has come true. Praise The Lord! - 20 days ago
  • mvtdgonzo
    An awesome message 💕 - 24 days ago
  • heathersmith1969
    There's my truck Chevy High Country that's my baby I wish my children and grandchildren will post it my truck like that one day congrats on your newest addition - 26 days ago
  • jillynnfisher
    Sooooo wonderful to see this reminder this morning - 27 days ago
  • aaimarazzaq
    oh wooww - 28 days ago
  • sheila_wood1
    My dreams will never happen 😔 - 29 days ago
  • _rafol_
    @james_jm421 - 1 month ago
  • azah.kamaruddin
    💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 - 1 month ago
  • luxaforma
    You're the MAN 👍🏼 - 2 months ago
  • thedreampillow
    Wow!!! Love this!!!! If you’re looking for a way to teach this to kids our @thedreampillow was invented by a 7 year old to teach kids about the power of positive thinking. If we teach kids they can make their actual dreams better when they write down their dreams what else can they achieve using this powerful technique?? - 2 months ago
  • kellieseal
    @nfbay317 remember when this happened to you? - 2 months ago
  • specialedval
    AWESOME - 2 months ago
  • human_eq
    🙌🔥🙌🔥❤️💪💯 - 2 months ago
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