Happy Mother’s Day to My QUEEN! My New Nickname for you is Mother Africa because not only do you sacrifice everything to help take care of our tribe at home, but you still manage take care of your Tribe back in Gabon Africa 🇬🇦 as well. We ALL Thank God for you! So much that I had to post a throwback of your Mother for even bringing you into this 🌎🤣.

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  • brendalivelife
    Priceless,... “Respect and Gratitude from a significant other is what a lot of individuals in this cold cruel world lack.
    Poise,...Must and should be the First demonstrative practice.” ~Brenda LPS~ - 1 day ago
  • mandamc_
    💕💪 my fav @eudoxie - 1 day ago
  • queen_stean
    @peer2peer2013 Some white men date only blondes, where is the problem if some black men date only light skin? I know some white who only date Asian...You better shut the fuck up and get yourself a life!!!! Light skinned and mixed girls are very popular, it’s just a matter of taste! I don’t understand your frustration! @ludacris felt in love with @eudoxie because she’s beautiful, caring and humble. Maybe if you were ever loved for the same reasons you could understand that! - 2 days ago
  • ejescooo22
    This is so beautiful 💝💝 - 2 days ago
  • stevethesparks
    @leonasworld do me a favour fuck off with ur bullshit comment - 3 days ago
  • misstoyia_c
    I love the two of you all.... - 3 days ago
  • mrsberq
    Precious post ❤️ - 4 days ago
  • g4mer_20
    Mother Africa is very VERY Beautiful.. Happy Mothers Day to her - 4 days ago
  • peer2peer2013
    @grem_lens well thanks for your intelligent response you get where I was going I didn't mean anything harsh I'm just keeping it real and I asked nationality because people in the states also identify themselves by nationality instead of race just saying thanks for the feedback - 4 days ago
  • peer2peer2013
    @octaaviaa__ you're describing yourself now goodbye NOBODY STOP @ ME AND do something with your life you obviously don't have one keep talking on my post you must be mad you can't get a man like Ludacris because you know I'm telling the truth I'm very smart and intelligent and only the smart will understand my message not the dummies like yourself now don't @ me again - 4 days ago
  • peer2peer2013
    @yllendouala I would be mad if I looked like the ugly girl on your profile pic I'm very beautiful African men American men etc be blowing me up I don't have a problem in that department I'm sure you do the way you look lmao 😂 take care don't @ me again go get some beauty rest you need a whhhhhhhhhole lot of it - 4 days ago
  • octaaviaa__
    @yllendouala tu as tout dit ma chérie. Merci idem 💋😘 - 4 days ago
  • yllendouala
    @octaaviaa__ je m'en rends compte vraiment !! En fait en plus d'être une sombre cretine c'est une rageuse !en tout cas bonne continuation à toi ! - 4 days ago
  • octaaviaa__
    @peer2peer2013 am done with you sweety. U too damn dumb for me to tolerate ur BS. Get a life oki? - 4 days ago
  • octaaviaa__
    @yllendouala 😂😂😂 good one. Perd pas ton temps à la raisonner ma chérie she's duuummmbbbb as hell... franchement avec un message pareil c'est tout ce qu'elle a à faire comme commentaire c'est vraiment une aigrie. - 4 days ago
  • yllendouala
    @peer2peer2013 ohhhh i got it your man cheated on you with an African woman ... Oh i understand 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sorry...no im not actually ...and i feel him good Luck TROLL - 4 days ago
  • yllendouala
    @peer2peer2013 you mad because she's light skin , you mad because she's African you mad because you wanna date a rapper and nobody looked at you ..you are just a TROLL ! Poor you ! And you know what im not from gabon guess what there are 55 country in africa ! Now taj - 4 days ago
  • a.driellaaa
    @octaaviaa_ merciii - 4 days ago
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