Happy Mother’s Day to my main squeeze @laurenhashianofficial , holding my little main squeeze, Jasmine Lia, who’s holding my tiniest main squeeze, Tiana Gia - both our daughter’s middle names are in honor of their great grandmothers, Lia and Giavanna.
I’m in constant respect and grateful awe of all the things this incredible mama accomplishes on a daily basis. Here’s a fun small recap:

Having a two and half year old and a newborn attached and clinging to her 24/7.
Managing the wonderfully fun, Terrible 2’s with Jazzy.

The “Hi, I need to eat every 3hrs and preferably from your boob” (just like daddy;) with Baby Tia.

Managing multiple family properties.

Managing an ever growing staff of family employees across the country.
Picking up the ENTIRE FAMILY, STAFF AND DOG and moving to multiple locations AROUND THE WORLD, throughout the year because of my filming and production schedule.
All while continuing to build an amazing career as a music and song writer/producer. As an artist and businessman myself, I recognize how incredibly hard this part is of her job is. She’s a brilliant visionary storyteller and lyrically gifted - all qualities that are hard to tap into when you’re managing this nonstop life of ours. But she does it like a brilliant bad ass.
And here’s the best part and the thing I’m most proud of... Lauren does it all with a big genuine smile and is truly, the kindest and sweetest soul you’ll ever meet.
People tell me all time after they spend time with her, “Lauren’s the nicest person I have ever met”. I always say, “Yes she is and being nice runs in our family... and so does kicking ass, so don’t ever get on her bad side” Lol.

And finally - of all the human beings on this earth she could have as her partner - she chose me. One big, brown, bald, tattooed, very lucky SOB.
Happy Mama’s Day Lauren.
Take a bow and Queen it up - you’re an amazing mama and amazing mama’s make this world go around.

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    Beautiful post 💕💝 - 2 hours ago
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    Honor, service and respect to the Johnson family. Inspired everyday for the gym, family, daughters and loves like hell. - Flight Lieutenant Uzair
    @therock - 8 hours ago
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    Beautiful - 10 hours ago
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    It's nothing like a man who takes care of his family.. - 10 hours ago
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    She sounds wife material @therock .. So I guess you are changing her last name! :) - 10 hours ago
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    Hermosas Familia ♡♡♡ - 14 hours ago
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    @rosetteluve young boys. Auto correct 😅 - 15 hours ago
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    More men should look to you as a guide on how to be with & treat women. You’re an inspiration, you treat your first wife with so much respect and even work together to this day. Your kids are so blessed to have a father figure like you. You should definitely think about teaching young boy, young men, how to be a classic gentlemen like yourself. Maybe even write a book! With how things are nowadays. The classic gentlemen seems to few and far and very rare.. I bet any man would love any advice from you. Stay blessed. @therock - 15 hours ago
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    What a beautiful family🌸💖 - 23 hours ago
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    tatlo na pala anak ni daddy @therock . puro girls pa. @majasty05 @ffaruhshin - 1 day ago
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    Wow that is very beautiful n u put how u realize being a mom and going through all that u recognize that is so very sweet to hear! Thank u! Love seeing ur posts! Beautiful family! :) - 1 day ago
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