Lotta fun w/ my brothas @jasonstatham & director, @davidmleitch in our production meeting.
Scroll left and see what happens when I whisper under my breath, “Smile for the camera you bald Harry Potter bitch!” And he says - Yeah clearly that extra small shirt is cutting off your brain circulation you big asshole.
All while our phenomenal director keeps his poker face knowing he’s gonna have the time of his life directing our film.
Been wanting to work with David for years now. Very talented and knows how to create and shoot bad ass, cool and FUN characters.
He directed JOHN WICK, ATOMIC BLONDE and next week his new movie, DEADPOOL 2 looks to be huge with audiences worldwide.
We have a lot of fun surprises in store with our movie and what an opportunity for us to smartly build out our beloved Fast and Furious franchise with our spinoff.
We’re pumped to shoot and most importantly, THANK YOU FANS for all the love, support and excitement.
Shooting starts this September!

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