Lil’ nervous signing the biggest contract of my career for JUNGLE CRUISE.
Think I had an out of body, “holy shit this is really happening” moment lol.
15yrs ago when I saw the first trailer for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN I was blown away and so inspired. I was just starting my acting career at that time and thought man one day if I could make a movie based off an iconic and beloved Disney ride - that took audiences on that kind of vintage adventure and fun, it’d be a dream come true.
So I vowed to put in the hard work...and 15yrs later here we are today.
Promise to do my best to make ya proud, Walt.
And for the love of all that’s holy, can my producing partners @flynnpictureco and @hhgarcia41 please get me a pen that has ink!?

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  • junebug2165
    Thats awesome. Cant wait to watch it and you. You are so sexy!!! 😉 - 3 hours ago
  • tomazxdx
    The best of the history - 13 hours ago
  • gustavokiss
    Muito ansioso - 14 hours ago
  • ali_am3
    فديتك ضلعي😘😘 - 15 hours ago
  • inwsakar
    Good luck - 17 hours ago
  • la_chaparra_28
    I love you so much literally the greatest actor and person ever 😢❤️ - 19 hours ago
  • saikiran_gajjarapu
    You're the King of Hollywood - 19 hours ago
  • laura_sweettreats
    Congratulations - 20 hours ago
  • em_lie2209
    I Love You,i now all Movie of you - 22 hours ago
  • harlysbecerra
    Do it!!!!! ☺️ - 1 day ago
  • rcoombs
    @samc709 - 1 day ago
  • lolitasuarez142
    That’s great !!!!congrats!! Can’t wait to see you in the movie 😍😍😍 - 1 day ago
  • j77769697
    thats a lot of paper... - 2 days ago
  • sunsprayhoneysuckle
    @elizabethcsmith @m_ford0424 brb buying opening night tickets now - 2 days ago
  • victorhugoescalant
    😎 - 2 days ago
  • lela_20
    Minha nossa! Meu sonho é poder ter uma foto ao seu lado. Meu esposo @ paulo_f.c é super seu fã tbm... por favor responda meu comentário mandando um abraço pra gente por favor.... - 2 days ago
  • sedrick_scott
    Congrats @therock - 2 days ago
  • cololaa_
    Im 13 and I low key have crush on u lmao - 2 days ago
  • mybohami
    Mr. Johnson you are so down to earth and that is one of the reasons God has blessed you in your career. Stay always true and always praise Him for your success. - 2 days ago
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