The caption: Via @hindustantimes Most women, married or not, will only see a gynecologist when they are pregnant -- or trying to be. Our bodies, vessels for delivering new generations of babies, are deemed worthy of a trip to the doctor only when we’re fulfilling our roles as mothers. For most – even those with the means to healthcare -- the idea of a routine checkup or health screening is alien. Yet, India has 132,000 new cases of cervical cancer a year and WHO estimates that by 2020, 1.24 lakh women will be affected by breast cancer. Can we really afford to be squeamish?" The observation: For all the men looking at these videos and commenting how beautiful and lovely the girls are, DM'ing us and taking the liberty of sending us texts, thank you for reminding us why we must not stop. We went on the DL for two days, but we're back and we're ready. Give us all you got.

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