Special Agent Max is on the case. opens in theaters this Friday!

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  • kingvaskorottweilers
    Loved it great to see rottie’s on the big screen 📺 thanks @ludacris - 6 months ago
  • alyssa22marie
    @jaimeycurry you loved letting your children see that it's ok to be touched in your private parts ? That's weird - 7 months ago
  • alyssa22marie
    I can't believe you were ok with tbis movie! You have children yourself .anything for the buck huh? - 7 months ago
  • caitlin.gray16
    @jayezza I completely agree! I thought the same thing, why did it have to take a public outrage? It shouldn't have been put in the movie in the first place! But thankful that our voices were heard 👍🏼 - 7 months ago
  • caitlin.gray16
    @jayezza okay not sure if you've seen but they e decided to re-edit the movie by deleting these scenes. The newly edited movie will be in theaters this weekend 👍🏼 still don't understand why this happened in the first place, but at least the mistake is being fixed!! - 7 months ago
  • hyrule_legend26
    Ludacris, I can't believe you made the ludicrous mistake of teaching people that sexual battery is perfectly safe and normal! - 7 months ago
  • kiko_woods
    Clam down people ! They taking that part out !! - 7 months ago
  • _moonwalker1988
    People saying this movie teaches grooming and teaches that being touched it OK - 7 months ago
  • caitlin.gray16
    @jayezza I am surprised too! I've tried tagging the news on my original post about this on Facebook to make more parents aware. - 7 months ago
  • mrs__kennedy
    Disgusted that you’d even partake in this movie Luda. Everyone saying you’re taking your children to see this, please read up on reviews of this “child movie” - 7 months ago
  • mrs__kennedy
    @jenniferricks37 please reconsider and read up on the reviews. It is totally inappropriate - 7 months ago
  • tinydarsky
    The reviews I read said that a major plot point includes a young dog that doesn’t want the judges to touch his genitals and that a more experienced show dog teaches him to endure it by going to his “zen place”. If he doesn’t let them touch his genitals then he can’t win and some panda can’t be saved. WHO thought this was appropriate or necessary to include in a kids movie? - 7 months ago
  • mac_dragon
    why is submitting to being fondled the crux of this movie for kids..? - 7 months ago
  • caitlin.gray16
    @caitlin.gray16 @ludacris - 7 months ago
  • caitlin.gray16
    @caitlin.gray16 What could have been solely a fun movie for kids that would get my highest recommendation is damaged by a dark and disturbing message hidden, not so subtly between the fluffy dogs and glamorous parties of the show dog lifestyle. As part of any dog show, contestants are judged on their abilities and physical attributes. One part, in particular, is the inspection of the dog's private parts. Being that Max is new to competing, he needs to learn the process so his partner, Frank, along with a former show champion work to get him ready for the final round of the competition. Since the inspection of the private parts will happen in the finals, Frank touches Max’s private parts to get him use to it. Of course, Max doesn’t like it and snaps at Frank for him to stop. Max is then told by the former champion, who has been through the process before, that he needs to go to his “zen place” while it happens so he can get through it. More attempts are made by Frank to touch Max’s private parts, but Max is still having trouble letting it happen and keeps snapping at him. - 7 months ago
  • caitlin.gray16
    Do not take your kids to see this movie!! It is very disturbing - 7 months ago
  • jaimeycurry
    @desertmomlife then don’t! We loved it and had a blast! - 7 months ago
  • desertmomlife
    @jedi_momx4 I just read the reviews and it sounds disgusting I would never take my child to see this. - 7 months ago
  • jedi_momx4
    @jaimeycurry you should reconsider. I’m a huge ludacris fan. But I am disappointed in this film and his decision to be a part of it. Please read some reviews. It grooms children to be ok with sexual abuse. - 7 months ago
  • caitlin.gray16
    This movie has an extremely disturbing scene that I would not want my kids watching! It looked cute until I read up on this. Simply disturbing and very sad. - 7 months ago
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