A day early but wanted to share, throw back Thursday. A good friend of our @rjrhodes9 use to play football with @thoma.ad back in the day and they just figured this out after knowing one another for many years. They sent me this picture. Look at that toe head and that tan!!! ­čĆł

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  • rjrhodes9
    @thoma.ad #ncyashamrocks - 8 months ago
  • jackee413
    You and me both!!! We've know you guys for many years and we are just now figuring this out is what's really shocking!! Such a small world! - 8 months ago
  • thoma.ad
    Most likely at the same high school parties too. #NorthEnd - 8 months ago
  • rjrhodes9
    Still in a bit of shock over all of this. Small world - 8 months ago