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Hitting mitts with @blackmamba185 at the old Ultimate Fitness. I had a violent altercation happen years ago. Everything I thought I would do in my head in a fight, I didn’t. I froze because I didn’t know what to do. That incident changed my life. I never wanted to have that feeling again of not knowing what to do. I’ll probably still get knocked out, but at least I might land a jab now.

t the old spot werkin witmy doode Radio Rob... this dude has a been good friend of mine for 10 years from workin at the club together to watchin him become a new family man and stand up comedian. He can also throw them thingz a Lil bit.

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  • blackmamba185
    @diallectfit yessir tryna get up there like you D...!!! I've been dialed in for a solid 9 years now you should get wit me ya boi got skills... 👊👊💪🏾✨ - 7 months ago
  • diallectfit
    Nice bro,,, I didn't know you were in there like that, that's what's up man. I see you finally put all the Jordan's down and started kicking lol - 7 months ago