Hey Foodies! Hope you are having awesome weekend. This weekend let's Snack Attack to satisfy your cravings for something chatpata.
What's in frame? Masala Kaju,
Homemade by me (Not at all at Risk 😁😋)
What's the easy recipe?
Ingredients: Kajus, Red chilli powder, Chaat powder, salt to taste, Coriander powder, Garlic paste, black pepper powder and Ghee to Roast.

How to do?
Pic-4: Put Ghee in pan on slow flame and add Kaju. Let it roast for 3-4 minutes (light brown colour)

Remove the Kaju in bowl and put ghee along with all other ingredients in the pan. Let it mix properly for 1-2 minutes.
Pic-5: Now add the Kajus again back to Pan to mix it with the other masalas. Mix it well and Let it roast for another 1 minute. Now remove it in Bowl/plate and enjoy the hot & lip smacking Masala Kajus 😊😍♥✌
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