Follow . The Palestinian Health Ministry said the soldiers injured 115 Palestinians, including seven children and four women, after the army attacked the protesters with live fire and gas bombs, across the border area in the eastern parts of the coastal region.
Thousands of Palestinians participated in the protests, which started after evening prayers in various mosques of the coastal region, before they boarded buses that took them to protest tents, hundreds of meters away from the border fence.
Media sources said Palestinian protesters, using slingshots, managed to down an Israeli military drone, east of Abu Safiyya area, in northern Gaza.
Also on Friday, the Health Ministry said a young man, identified as Yasser Sami Habib, 24, succumbed to wounds sustained from Israeli army gunfire during the protests on May 14.
Habib suffered a very serious injury before he was rushed to a hospital in Gaza, and was later transferred to Sr. Joseph Hospital, in occupied Jerusalem, where he succumbed to his wounds.
Two other Palestinians who were injured, during the protests on May 14, also succumbed to their wounds on Thursday evening. They have been identified as Ahmad Ali Qattoush, 23 Mohannad Bakr Abu Tahoun, 21.
The Health Ministry said the army killed 115 Palestinians, and injured more than 13.000, including 332 who suffered life-threatening wounds, since the Great Return March procession started on Palestinian Land Day, on March 30th, 2018.
You won't see or hear about this on because they are including women and children with no Freedoms or Rights being Terrorized Brutalized + Killed in the largest open air prison in the world by 's Coward Forces led by War Criminal Terrorist aka with support from their US Puppets / 🇵🇸

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