Today our Sister Sia M. Finoh showed us true strength and committment. A day after losing her Brother she showed up to support our team and talk with the people. She is the definition of service before self that we all should strive to copy. We are truly blessed to have you. •

@therealsiafinoh As the experts say, courage does not mean the absence of pain. And of course, being a leader certainly does not mean that you are immune from adversity . It does simply mean, you cannot/should not allow your pain to take over your life. 24 hours ago, I was dealt with an event that was out of my control; death. Which is inevitable to all of us.. I crashed down but today, I have picked myself up, dust off and I have joined the campaign trail again. In his memory I complete the campaign in victory...I am surrounded by the great team in the world. They wrapped their arms around me like a warm blanket. Thank you Ms. Peggy Morris for the great interview today... Thank you for love... I want to also thank ALL of you for your love and support during this time adversity. I humbly bow in appreciation to you.. much love to you ALL....

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