Hey Food Addicts! If you too are a Hard core Non Veg Lover and Crave for it all the time. Then head to Hotel Marathmol on Pune Solapur Highway.
They serve the best in class "Garvaan" Mutton & Chicken Delicacies.
We had been their to have the Legendary Mutton Raan.
What is Mutton Raan?
It's a whole roasted leg of a lamb. It is the Hind leg of the lamb and not front leg. Hind leg is difficult to cook, but with the unique cooking tricks, they have got Spot on with the tenderous meat. It is slow cooked so that all the spices are properly spread inside the mutton.
Pic-1: Whole Roasted Leg of Lamb
Pic-3: Look at the Tender meat, it is sooo soft and easily melting in mouth.
All Mutton Haters!!! Do try it Once, you will fall in Love with it. ♥♥♥
One Mutton Raan serves 4-5 people, best option for a family feast. Gives you the Royal feel. 🙂😋
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