Direction Rotorua with an obligatory stop in Matamata, to visit Hobbiton, the houses of the Hobbits, in the Shire - le Comté, the Tolkien’s fantasy land, the Middle Earth. The whole place has something magical in the air and real on the same time with all the details. We enjoyed as well our ginger beer at the Green Dragon inn, cause as Bilbo Balggins alias Bilbon Sacquet said : « It is not a bad thing to celebrate a simple life ».

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    What a great place to visit. Looks like fairyland👍❤️ - 9 months ago
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    @rubbanology Thank you very much for the details of this feed back. 👊🏻🙏🏻😊 We just took the pics of people or scenery that touch our heart ❣ and we are not technical so we had big chance 🍀 . We like your pics associated with wise words🔝 - 9 months ago
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    Wow! This shot is really good. Your lightings were perfect and the background were not overexposed. The subject focus structure were also in sharp good condition. Good work my friend, keep it up. 😊 - 9 months ago
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