Building Lean Muscle
Bodybuilding is a combination between building muscle and burning body fat. You have to find that balance of calorie out and calorie in to achieve both.
How, you ask?! MATH πŸ€“
Basic rule of thumb the more active you are the more lean muscle mass you have resulting in needing to eat more.
It takes a lot of food to move muscle. All functions of the body use muscles to function from basic breathing, heart beating to daily functions, such as; lifting laundry baskets or sitting to eat. Your body needs lean muscle to perform all these, the more lean muscle the more food needed.
Before you start inhaling everything in sight. Remember that extra calories might build muscle, but excess turns into stored body fat. Many eat in excess to gain muscle (which they achieve) but also gain body fat. You still need to cut calories while maintaining enough to build. .
You also need to consider the quality of foods, timing of meals and rations of macronutrients. Calories are not created equal. The goal is to fuel our body to power through our workouts to improve performance building more muscle but also to burn body fat. .
Questions about your intake?
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