We have to realize we're all in this together
when Trump's hostility starts a trade war, it's everyday workers who pay the price on both sides of the border
Canadian farmers, like the people I got to speak with today, are worried that they're going to be left out to dry
We can't forget them
We must provide supports for the workers, and the communities they live in, who are effected by the recent trade instability
Nous devons réaliser que nous sommes tous et toutes ensemble dans cette situation
quand l'hostilité de Donald Trump déclenche une guerre commerciale, ce sont les travailleurs et les travailleuses ordinaires des deux côtés de la frontière qui en font les frais
ceux et celles que j'ai côtoyé.es aujourd'hui, redoutent d'être laissé.es en plan. Nous ne pouvons pas les oublier
Nous devons fournir du soutien pour les travailleurs et les travailleuses, ainsi que pour leurs communautés, qui sont touché.es par la récente instabilité commerciale

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  • pahulsingh_
    @josephinebaz - 5 months ago
  • hoffmbm
    You don’t know shit about Canadian farmers you dumb fuck. - 6 months ago
  • brad_duncan1
    Vent all your hate and frustration on me I don’t mind “I Think So Too” - 6 months ago
  • brad_duncan1
    Just let it out! - 6 months ago
  • dsimran
    @aguynamedami why would they dodge these comments? they have both spoken out sboit it in dofferent venues and eeeevvvvvennnnnnnnn if they haven't that doesnt mean they "dont have what it takes" ut means its not an issue thats impacting them politically and they sont wanna jump on a bandwagon for no reason. - 6 months ago
  • aguynamedami
    What’s you’re thoughts on the controversial U.S. practice of separating children from their parents if said parents attempt illegal entry?? “These are the questions” you/Trudeau dodge on the regular......”wanna make a difference you say eh”, you dont got what it takes. #SimpleAsThat - 6 months ago
  • positive_ideas_today
    You have one of the good galleries I've seen today 👌 - 6 months ago
  • abdullah.ahmad_
    @shubhhkarmann we aren't taking advantage of anyone. It's called economies of scale, our dairy farmers don't be able to compete with the U.S dairy market which is heavily subsidized by their government. We must protect the livelihoods of dozens of thousands of farmers. Your bashing of jagmeet when you fail to look at the facts shows alot. The U.S. has been anything but kind to Canadan, their closest ally - 6 months ago
  • fruitupp
    Just saw you biking 😊 - 6 months ago
  • bubleegill_
    Well done Jagmeet - 6 months ago
  • bruh_polcsak
    I want you to win. So badly. But i just dont see it happening. I wont be old enough to vote in 2019. But everyday i pray for your victory. Even tho trudeau is most likely going to win reelection - 6 months ago
  • shubhhkarmann
    First of all tell Trudeau to not ditch america in the first place. Trump is just trying to save his country's economy. Canada is taking advantage of america from years. Don't be a libtard. If you can't study facts sorry I don't want you to represent me as a Sikh. Sikhs are smart unlike you. You can't get anything by taking advantage of someone's kindness. - 6 months ago
  • sandhupipal
    nyc sir - 6 months ago
  • manmeet8691
    Ssa ji - 6 months ago
  • sunny_sranz12
    Nice babeyooo👌 - 6 months ago
  • nigelgrolla
    Much love but voting NDP seems to result in a PC win, look at what just happened to Ontarians - 6 months ago
  • harman4041
    Nice👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 - 6 months ago
  • sainipardeep746
    👌👌👌👌👌👌 - 6 months ago
  • sainipardeep746
    Enddd - 6 months ago
  • bodymindspiritflow
    Yup 💯 - 6 months ago
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