PSG need to make 40 to 60 million euros before the end of the month in order to not get in trouble with Financial Fair Play.
Should we go for a PSG player this summer?
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9 days ago 5



  • dilkarisita
    Buy rabiot - 8 days ago
  • subramaniamairblack
    Why spend so much money on player n they cannot perform well n millions of money in te end ..fifa should readjust players salary not in millons dollars - 8 days ago
  • liverpoolfcfocus
    A lot of people are talking about Draxler, Rabiot, Verrati. I would be going for Kevin Trapp - 8 days ago
  • reecej_21
    Veratti - 9 days ago
  • jamiecarter96
    Draxler why isn't he a priority it's beyond me - 9 days ago