One more from our teammate MŪLA Stock ( @mulastockphotos ). If you shoot stock photography or stock video get in touch to join us!

This image of a sliced avocado held in a woman's hand, complete with pit and plenty of negative space for copy, is available for download in our store - link in our bio.

Copyright Management Information:
This image is Copyright © MŪLA Stock All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: MŪLA Stock/AeronauticPictures.com Reproduction or modification of this image in any manner without a license or the express written permission of MŪLA Stock is prohibited. If you find any images of ours reproduced anywhere other than the AeronauticPictures.com website or our official social media accounts, please notify us via our website contact form. We earn our living creating these photographs. We ask that you respect that by properly licensing our images before you use them. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

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