Liverpool are ready to open talks with Lazio goalkeeper Thomas Strakosha and is valued at £26m according to @ilmessaggero.it 🔴🔴🔴

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  • vasiliygol
    @eleziavi yes of course, there mast be competition, but if Lovren plays like in the final, he will win any conceren - 4 months ago
  • __rroocckkyy__
    @liamsebba 1st choice keeper. 59 games - 4 months ago
  • liamsebba
    I really want him😍😍,is he their 2nd keeper? - 4 months ago
  • andiesroles
    One who can catch and throw would be lovely thanks 👊 - 4 months ago
  • eleziavi
    @vasiliygol what we really need is Lovrens replacement, it’s a must , do you agree with that ! - 4 months ago
  • vasiliygol
    @kyleflynn06 I think we have already build a team, now we just close some holes and achieve stability - 4 months ago
  • vasiliygol
    @eleziavi I talk about quality of this goalkeepers, Alisson is at this level , Courtois too, but Strakosha... I don know.. - 4 months ago
  • musalvadelgado
    Good Scouting - 4 months ago
  • sphiwedhlomo11
    Is he good? - 4 months ago
  • addad_anis
    A great goalkeeper - 4 months ago
  • the_joshi_ji
    I like this guy....great potential - 4 months ago
  • arrstwn1421
    Nice idea for a new goalkeeper. Strakosha's a very talented individual. @kopitesarmy - 4 months ago
  • futtymooy
    Would be a great signing! One of the best keepers in Serie A and world football based off this seasons form and only 26M. 23 years of age as well. - 4 months ago
  • alpha_wolf_trim
    Fuck no!!!!!from wot I've see of him ,karius and Danny ward are better as it is!!!this guys footage is a lot of daisy cutters being saved (that's his job of course...bottom line ,goalkeeping 101).fuck I look like I could play in that league 2 Italian league goals!!!!nothin there to suggest he is better or even on par with karius or Danny ward!!!!no no no!!!would shit himself playing for Liverpool!! - 4 months ago
  • the_fruji
    He's ass - 4 months ago
  • c.campbell00
    @kilroyluke12 I think he’d be a great addition to the squad but I think he’s going Arsenal - 4 months ago
  • kilroyluke14
    @c.campbell00 what would you think of Leno? I think he would fit perfectly into our team - 4 months ago
  • eleziavi
    @vasiliygol I guess you don’t remember, oblak was in Europa league too, David de gea from United also , give him a chance you never know . - 4 months ago
  • kyleflynn06
    @vasiliygol i know what ur saying but klopps not being a Mourinho getting a 2 to 4 year fix and then keeper gets past his best and have no chance of cashing in for him where as u get younger keepers they have future ahead of them and for the money u can get for them u could sell them for a similar price tag if don’t work out klopps thinking ahead in time like good managers do his goal probably is to see what he can do in 3to 5 years time when those good players turn to world class players. So nows a re build period and we can still be successful in it aswell with the talent we have in the squad - 4 months ago
  • kyleflynn06
    I don’t know much about him but he’s young and has a lot of potential but I’d prefer we get Leno for the price we can get him for is pretty low - 4 months ago
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