Sadio insists he is happy at amid Real Madrid rumours. Do you think he will stay? 🤔🔴
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  • rafibally08
    Yes - 23 hours ago
  • redboyjan
    Yeah yeah Coutinho said he was happy too - 3 days ago
  • ian.rya
    Diplomatic sitting on the fence. His contract last 3 years. He’ll walk if a decent offer with better prospects of winning trophies comes in. And who can blame him? Liverpool need to strengthen the squad, splash the cash on a world class keeper and start winning trophies. Back to back. End of! - 3 days ago
  • snethehustler
    🔥🔝👑⚽👍💪👈 - 3 days ago
  • lewiekeate
    He will stay - 3 days ago
  • abichantler
    Hopefully - 3 days ago
  • musclemayapparel
    Is Klopp the man to win trophies though? - 3 days ago
  • karahayeyuusuf
    Hollow mane - 3 days ago
  • privataaaa_william
    Ya - 3 days ago
  • freddytm_
    Thing is we need to make our players happy by winning trophies. And I hate to say it but it means spending loads of money. Buy Oblak, Boateng, Shaqiri and Fekir (if we still can) and we have a chance of winning any trophy we are in the race for - 3 days ago
  • guliver_le_traveler
    What a fucking stupid question to ask...😠😠😠 - 4 days ago
  • cuddslfc
    @alisya50088 150 million is a good number - 4 days ago
  • jardilson_swagger
    LiverpoolChat WWW. UPARSEGUIDORES .COM - 4 days ago
  • liverpoolfchdi
    Yes I think and hope we do, he’s my favourite player - 4 days ago
  • _eliasnilsson_
    ye - 4 days ago
  • louis_holley_no22
    👈Follow this account please help me get to 200 followers please - 4 days ago
  • cuddslfc
    @lfc_is_life_ynwa very very true , when klopp became our manager he stated we would win the league in 3 years - this season will be his 3rd year in charge a massive season for klopp ...... i agree with you we have to win something , the last trophy we won was the carling cup 2012 , thats not good enough for our club. So far i am pleased with the additions to our squad , we still need more especially a goal keeper - remember karius was given the goal keepers shirt by klopp , sadly his worst ever display was in the CL final .we have the best supporters in the world and for them and their fanatical loyalty we should be adding silverware to our history - 4 days ago
  • alisya50088
    How does the phrase “Madrid’s Mane” sounds like? 😭 - 4 days ago
  • ajiem9292
    @lfc_is_life_ynwa you the man fam - 4 days ago
  • camillaheind
    I hope so. - 4 days ago
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